Starmark Wedding Bands

25 products
These machine set wedding bands are set with precision and accuracy helping to make an ordinary into extraordinary. Our setting process resembles the...
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105 products
Mens Diamond wedding band and fashion ring programs in a wide array of gold combination and available in multiple diamond weight. Truly lavish...
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Star Significance

507 products
Star Significance collection is made for the most discriminating customer, adding value and fashion sense to an affordable product. This product is available...
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Star Luxury

2 products
STAR LUXURY What does Today’s woman and man want in fashion? This collection addresses the fashionable and discerning connoisseur of fashion.
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Star Light

122 products
Star Light Collection is designed around a beautiful array of multiple diamonds arranged and set in a systematic and fanciful way to create...
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Star Essential

70 products
Star Essential Collection is made to fulfill your fashion jewelry needs for all occasions. Our Luxurious products are crafted in lustrous 14K gold...
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Star Color

31 products
Gemstones have been celebrated for many years for their gorgeous colors and deep meanings. Our timeless collection of gemstone jewelry, such as gemstone...
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Star Brilliance

87 products
Star Brilliance Collection incorporates various shape engagement rings head designs to create a beautiful fullness utilizing Multi Center Stones. These Bridal Rings giving...
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Love Cuts

60 products
Love Cuts Collection is an innovative-patented specialized way of cutting and setting of 4 diamonds. These diamonds are set together to give sheer...
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Keyani Bridal

144 products
Engagement and Bridal sets with oval, pears, emerald, rounds and princess centers ranging from .50ct to 2ct finished total weights. We have developed...
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4230 products
This collection is designed for a precision machine set Illusion plate, which produces a masterpiece of design and execution. Our stones look 40%...
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Towers Stackable

305 products
Tower Stackable Collection allows for playful and creative ways to enhance an engagement ring. This collection is offered is an array of gold...
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Glittering Stars

118 products
Glittering Stars Collection is fashioned with moving diamonds set in a precision machine set illusion plates that enhance the size of each stone....
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Classique Bridal

244 products
These bridal products are constructed into silhouettes of timely fashion looks with attention to detail, designs, element and craftsmanship. Discover our beautiful assortment...
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MK Diamonds

5 products
Classic elegance that speaks to your love and personal style. 
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